This site provides some background information on this remarkable self-taught inventor and explorer, and explains the unique links he provides between the early development of what has become the gun turret, the construction of the Statue of Liberty and location of the Panama Canal. Revealed also is the curious link to the English author PG Wodehouse and his heroines!

Kennish took naval warfare out of the “Pirates of the Caribbean™” era of Broadsides and into precision gunnery, the likes of which had never been seen before.

Find out here the many facets to this talented man from the Victorian Era and then click on the menu The Book to follow the link to the recently published book on William Kennish’s life story

William Kennish was born in Cornaa in the Isle of Man in 1799, and joined the Royal Navy in 1822 after being rebuffed by his sweetheart.

Initially unable to speak, read or write English and knowing only his native Manx Gaelic, within 7 years he had risen through the ranks to become the master carpenter to the Mediterranean Fleet.

Plans are underway for A NEW MEMORIAL to William Kennish in New York, and details are available detailing the WILLIAM KENNISH MEMORIAL TRUST which will raise funds to create a Manx Granite memorial which will be shipped from the Isle of Man and placed in New York. YOU CAN DONATE HERE!

The earlier all-or-nothing Crowd-Funding appeal reached £1,978 before the December 29th expiry date, which unfortunately meant all pledges lapsed as the initial target had not been reached.

Further USA and UK cheque-based pledges of approximately £950 have been offered (as of August 2016), so the new fund-raising will continue seeking direct donations to the William Kennish Memorial Trust.

Please contact enquiries -at- william-kennish.com for more information.(Please replace " -at- " with @)


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